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Access Vaccines is not the typical buying group that requires you to sign a contract and follow their immunization schedule.  Access Vaccines is consultative in nature as we don’t tell you what you have to buy and what you can’t buy. 

Access Vaccines has been an industry leader since 2009 in helping private practices spend less on their vaccine purchases.  Vaccines are expensive and Access Vaccines will guide you to the lowest overall costs available to your practice.  Attaining the best discounts and paying the lowest price is critical to making a profit on your vaccine program.  The best roadmap to paying the lowest overall cost for your vaccine program is to develop an immunization program that leverages optimal pricing from various vaccine manufacturers.  We will prove to you that utilizing GSK Vaccines combined with other vaccine brands (such as Merck).

We monitor all vaccine manufacturer contracts and stay current on pricing to make sure your vaccine program it tailored to your choices at the lowest cost.

To learn more please enter your information on the Contact Us page, give us a call or send an email.  We know how to affect your bottom line and would love to speak to you about doing just that


Jim Vicars

Founder of Access Vaccines

  • 16 years of Vaccine Portfolio Management experience
  • 47 years of business experience in retail, marketing, brand and business development, and consulting
    • Kelson Physician Partners
    • Napastyle
    • Nordstrom
    • Williams Sonoma / Pottery Barn
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business



John Madrid

Vice President

  • 14 years of Vaccine Portfolio Management experience
  • 42 Years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Manufacturer Sales Organizations
  • Contracting
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • State Coalitions/Immunization Programs
  • Arizona State University



Will Vicars

Vice President of Operations

8 years Vaccine Portfolio Management experience

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Enrollment Manager for New Accounts
  • Brand Development and Contract Management
  • University of Colorado, Boulder



Chandler Vicars

National Vaccine Contract Specialist

2 years Vaccine Portfolio Management experience

  • Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Account Support 
  • Brand Development and Contract Management