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Preferred Partner Program

Access Vaccine’s members who are on the Bexsero Only Contract are also part of GSK’s Preferred Partner Program. This program allows you to maintain your vaccination schedule with a reliable supply of inventory, to enjoy the lowest pricing on Meningococcal vaccines and access to benefits that will enhance and simplify your vaccine needs. 

The Preferred Partner Program (BEXSERO ONLY contract) Benefits:

  • Greater GSK vaccine discounts with on-invoice, instant rebate pricing
  • Lowest national vaccine pricing on all GSK vaccines, including flu
  • 2% Prompt Pay discount with 60-day payment terms
  • Free overnight shipping, no minimum purchase required
  • Consistent pricing available through your preferred distribution channel, either indirectly via wholesaler/distributor or directly via
  • Consistent pricing for each location in your group on every order
  • Access to a dependable, customer aligned support team at GSK and Access Vaccines
    • ​Conducting vaccine contract reviews so you can make the best choices for your practice and more importantly your patients
Bexsero Product Benefits:
  • 30 day series completion (vs 6 month series for Trumenba)
  • Bexsero has more than 70% of market
  • Patients are protected much sooner
  • Patient can complete series over a winter breaks and easily over the summer
  • Hardest age group to complete any series. Statistics show many only receive one dose.
  • Bexsero has been available all over the world for 3 years and has always been a 2 dose
  • Bexsero has a different CPT 90620 and is reimbursed at a very high level. Example: reimbursement for Bexsero averages between $190 and $200 or more than $50 in profit.

***The vast majority of Men B outbreaks in the US have occurred on college campuses. If you are vaccinating kids going off to college and you want to provide outstanding protection, Bexsero is the better and easier choice. Bexsero is always a 2 dose series being completed in a month, where with Trumenba you have to wait 6 months with either dose regimen to complete the series.  For example, with bexsero if you begin vaccinating a recent high school graduate at the beginning of the summer you can them be finished and protected before they leave for college. You can’t do that with Trumenba!***

If GSK doesn’t offer a vaccine you need we can help make sure you know where to go – without signing a contract – to source the vaccines and maintain the lowest priced vaccine schedule.

*In addition to the Preferred Partner Program, GSK offers and exclusive Premium Partner Program for eligible accounts. Click HERE to learn more or go to the “PREMIUM PARTNER” page under the “Partner in Prevention” tab*

To learn more, enter your information on the Contact Us page, give us a call or send an email.  You might just find that having access to a little inside knowledge and choice has some big benefits.