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Bexsero Only Loyalty Program

We are excited to announce our newest member benefits program for our Bexsero Only accounts. This program will provide our Bexsero Only customers with a fee sharing incentive that will have a positive financial impact for your positive Meningococcal B costs.
In order to take advantage of this fee sharing program, please follow the instructions below.

Bexsero Only Loyalty Partner Program:

  • Once enrolled, fee sharing rebate twice a year of 50% of the service fee that we receive from GSK
  • You must be in compliance of the 80%+ market share requirement with Bexsero to qualify
  • You must enroll in the program to receive shareback (follow the link below and provide your practice name and GSK # or contact us)

The Preferred Partner Program (BEXSERO ONLY contract) Benefits:

  • Greater GSK vaccine discounts with on-invoice, instant rebate pricing
  • Lowest national vaccine pricing on all GSK vaccines, including flu
  • 2% Instant Rebate applied to price
  • 2% Prompt Pay discount with 60-day payment terms
  • Free overnight shipping, no minimum purchase required
  • Consistent pricing available through your preferred distribution channel, either indirectly via wholesaler/distributor or directly via
  • Consistent pricing for each location in your group on every order
  • Access to a dependable, customer aligned support team at GSK and Access Vaccines
    • ​Conducting vaccine contract reviews so you can make the best choices for your practice and more importantly your patients

Bexsero Product Benefits:

  • 30 day series completion (vs 6 month series for Trumenba)
  • Bexsero has more than 70% of market
  • Patients are protected much sooner
  • Patient can complete series over a winter breaks and easily over the summer
  • Hardest age group to complete any series. Statistics show many only receive one dose.
  • Bexsero has been available all over the world for 3 years and has always been a 2 dose
  • Bexsero has a different CPT 90620 and is reimbursed at a very high level. Example: reimbursement for Bexsero averages between $190 and $200 or more than $50 in profit.